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About Our Company

CEY’S CREST (PVT)LTD offers,specially herbal hair loss treatment, skincare and lifestyle product ranges, fragranced with pure essential oils. From humble beginnings in a small laboratory, CEY’S CREST (PVT)LTD is fast growing into a well-respected international brand. We are an ethical company committed to fair trade while respecting the earth and supporting communities.
It is our corporate responsibility to enable customers to make educated choices when purchasing healthcare products and therefore proudly disclose all ingredient details. We encourage customers to read ingredient labels and become more aware of potentially harmful ingredients within some healthcare products.

Therapeutic in its approach, we use many natural ingredients that are bio-identical to our biology. Each ingredient is chosen for its efficacy in combating less hair fall, improving the hair growth and other consumer health problems. Our aim is always to ensure that the body and biology are treated in harmony whilst enjoying a truly authentic Asian offering.
Using the finest herbal and organic ingredients, we work on our formulations to ensure that they never contain harsh chemicals. Our intention is to treat all customer needs sensitive and precious. Because our products are packed with biologically-active ingredients.

Our products shows perfect prior on consumer’s needs.

Our Vision

We make it our core vision to educate consumers in understanding ingredients, and the truth behind them while focusing on the prevention and cure of hair and health complications

In order to meet the needs of our customers and address market trends, a commitment to sustainable innovation runs through every aspect of our business, from the ingredients we use to the way we operate.

We are continually challenging ourselves to capture leading –edge technologies, knowledge and proficiency while building rich and clear portfolios. We have deep gratitude for the people who work for us at every level. CEY’S CREST (PVT)LTD employees own their roles. Their in-house experience gives them insight into decision-making, operating processes and structures as well as innovation and business advances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to extract knowledge in every possible way from nature and science in a unified manner to arise out with the best health care range, free of harmful chemicals, and rich on those elements of Nature that are beneficial to the body, the mind and the soul.

We thrive to be the best genuine organic based personal care brand in the Island and among some part of the globe near future.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and environmental protection are at the heart of our operations and we follow the laws of the country in operate. These standards are achieved through a Quality Policy aimed at continuously improving product performance, customer service and assistance, as well as the development of company expertise. As a means of measuring and monitoring this progress, the company has adopted Good Manufacturing Practice of relevant regulatory body.
We act according to the principles of responsible care and sustainable development in order to protect the general public, employees and the environment as a whole.

At Cey’s Crest, we know the path to health and wellness is constantly evolving. With new research and discoveries happening every day, the best natural health care product of today may be replaced by something else tomorrow!
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