Hair Diseases Resulting Into Hair Loss

Let's See Hair Diseases Resulting Into Hair Loss

Hair Diseases Resulting Into Hair Loss

 There are hundreds of hair diseases humans can experience,Hair diseases and hair loss are interrelated. One cannot be thought about without the other.

Common hair loss causes

No single factor can be marked out as the universal cause of hair diseases. There are several causes varying from person to person.

The two types of hair loss diseases

The hair loss causes can be broadly divided into the following two groups –

The temporary effect and the one involving a prolonged action, usually triggered by genetics.

a.) The temporary effect – Usually such cases can be cured by medications and treatments.

b.) Prolonged hair loss diseases – Such cases may require long term treatment. Sometimes the drug treatment might appear to be ineffective. In such circumstances surgery like hair transplantation may be the way.

The causes of temporary hair loss include the ones like child birth, using birth control pills, etc.

Another key factor can be hormonal imbalance. It can have a severe impact by causing pattern baldness. The latter comes in the list of major hair diseases.

Relation between hair diseases and hair loss

It is sometimes found that a particular hair loss cause is more commonly related to a particular hair disease. In this context one can refer to the acquired hair shaft defects. These defects are usually triggered by the excessive use of hair treatments and styling products.

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Similarly, infectious diseases have their root in unhygienic scalp.

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